The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) got
13 tremendous relics from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir on Monday morning in anticipation of the previous’ opening, as per General Supervisor of the GEM project and the encompassing region Atef Moftah.

Al-Tayeb Abbas, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Archeological Affairs at the GEM, made sense of that among the pieces that were moved to the historical center on Monday are sculptures of the divine beings Amun and Mut, a pink rock segment of King Ramses II, notwithstanding a limestone sculpture of the goddess Isis conveying her kid Horus, and a huge composition of the limestone of King Amenemhat I, as well as various other enormous and engraved works of art.

Abbas added that every one of the curios were recorded before the exchange interaction and an itemized status report was ready for each piece, bringing up that the essential reclamation and support work will start right away.

Issa Zeidan, the Executive Director of the Restoration and Transfer of Antiquities at the GEM, said that the exchange cycle that occurred on Monday is quite possibly of the most sensitive and complex exchange that the exhibition hall has seen as of late because of the huge size of the moved pieces, particularly the sculptures of the divine beings Amun and Mut, which are around 4.15 m, 186 cm wide, and 169 cm profound, are required a cautious investigation of the schedule of the transportation interaction and the streets going through it before execution to eliminate and keep away from any deterrents in the manner because of the level of the sculpture.

It ought to be noticed that this sculpture was collected on a metal design in the last part of the 1990s by a German archeological mission headed by Horig Surzian.

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